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Hall of Records / The Horde Empire 20170003 Thoremar
« Last post by Varsinax on December 13, 2017, 05:39:34 PM »
World of Warcraft



Valley of Honor

Logging started on 12/13/2017 at 17:17:48.
17:37:39 Chieftain Hatuun says: Even when tortured by the Legion, my people rebel against their accursed crusade. The demons may break their bodies, but never their wills. Go, release their spirits so that they may find peace.
17:41:45 Magraloth says: Your supple flesh will satisfy my hunger!
17:41:59 Chieftain Hatuun says: The spirits of those who resist the Legion inspire us all.
17:46:21 [Crychimp-MoonGuard]: cant believe he lost
17:46:28 [Varsinax-MoonGuard]: Thoremar...
17:46:38 You salute Thoremar with respect.
17:46:50 [Crychimp-MoonGuard]: xD
17:46:57 [Thoremar-MoonGuard]: Greetings,Varsinax.
17:46:58 Thoremar salutes you with respect.
17:47:30 [Varsinax-MoonGuard]: Why are you jumping all around... what is on your mind?
17:48:02 [Thoremar-MoonGuard]: Wondering what to do now, once the Legion's gone.
17:48:10 [Crychimp-MoonGuard]: off fheals cc immunitys
17:48:43 [Varsinax-MoonGuard]: The Legion is not gone.  Keep yourself calm.  Yes, think about the future, but always remember... our work is not done with fighting the Legion.
17:48:58 Crychimp tickles Grome.  Hee hee!

17:49:30 [Thoremar-MoonGuard]: There's never a way to completely slaughter a Demon..
17:49:43 [Thoremar-MoonGuard]: Trust me I've tried, they come back eventually.
17:50:00 [Thoremar-MoonGuard]: But we crippled their leader-head, it should be enough to end their burning crusade.
17:50:17 [Varsinax-MoonGuard]: That is fine.  As long as we win our battles, we will survive long enough to accomplish our other goals in life.
17:51:01 [Varsinax-MoonGuard]: The Empire is ruled by law and order.  Demons are creatures of chaotic and disruption.  They are our direct enemy.
17:51:01 [Thoremar-MoonGuard]: Problem is..
17:51:05 [Thoremar-MoonGuard]: I have none..
17:51:32 [Varsinax-MoonGuard]: That is sad.  Well, in that case... you can just exist, and perhaps others will use you like a tool for a while.
17:51:58 [Thoremar-MoonGuard]: A tool serves a function or a purpose.
17:52:07 [Thoremar-MoonGuard]: I have neither.
17:52:23 [Yeahyeah-MoonGuard]: not sure i'll do it
17:52:46 [Varsinax-MoonGuard]: Thoremar, you will find a purpose.  I know this.
17:53:02 [Yeahyeah-MoonGuard]: why
Hall of Records / The Horde Empire 20170002 Allocco
« Last post by Varsinax on December 11, 2017, 10:02:46 PM »
World of Warcraft


Silvermoon City

The Royal Exchange

Logging started on 12/11/2017 at 23:46:00.

00:24:48 Allocco-WyrmrestAccord looks around the exchange.
00:24:51 Elhondriel-WyrmrestAccord blinked.  "... You'd kill my kids?"

00:25:27 Sanguinara-WyrmrestAccord shook her head, "Worse.  I would take them on as my own and call them Sanguinars.  I would spoil them rotten then turn them loose on the world."
00:25:50 Elhondriel-WyrmrestAccord tapped his finger against his mask.
00:25:56 [Elhondriel-WyrmrestAccord]:  Tur
00:26:46 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: Excuse me... I'm looking for a.... Varsinax.
00:26:52 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: I am Varsinax.
00:27:00 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: Ah!
00:27:02 Allocco bows before you.
00:27:16 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: What is your name?
00:27:32 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: My name is Allocco Jenkins and this Floating head in a jar is my Unlce Pazzo.
00:27:46 You look at Wondrous Wisdomball.
00:27:52 You eye Allocco up and down.
00:28:04 Lledwyn smiles at Demytrya.
00:28:06 Elhondriel-WyrmrestAccord eventually let out a small sigh and waved his hand dismissively.  "Tempting, but I'll do my best to keep my plague to myself."
00:28:12 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: I recieved your draft letter. I understand it is my time to serve!
00:28:19 Allocco salutes you with respect.
00:28:44 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: The Horde Empire is looking for troops to use in its vast army.  We are at war, all across this world, and even on other worlds.  Would you be interested in doing your party for the Horde?

00:28:45 Sanguinara-WyrmrestAccord nods, "Good plan.  I am not sure I have the temperament for children."
00:28:55 You salute Allocco with respect.
00:29:00 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes, Sir.
00:29:16 [Elhondriel-WyrmrestAccord]: Fulo al osa nor O fal dorithur dorini su ishura
00:29:29 [Elhondriel-WyrmrestAccord]: BalAh ash mush adore
00:29:38 Allocco-WyrmrestAccord | Pazzo watches proudly.
00:29:43 Sanguinara-WyrmrestAccord laughed, "And how old is she now?"
00:30:01 Elhondriel-WyrmrestAccord held up four fingers.  "And she beats me at Hearthstone."
00:30:03 [Elhondriel-WyrmrestAccord]: Anoduna
00:30:24 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: Very well.  You should obtain a guild tabard from the Silvermoon Registry.  They will issue you one for the Horde Empire.  Wear it proudly and represent the Horde wherever you go.  Perhaps you can gain great power and strength among our ranks.
00:30:44 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: I can do this.
00:30:54 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: Am I to have a job? A duty?
00:31:22 [Armïn-WyrmrestAccord]:  Ni talah dor o fandu lo mush'al alah'ni o ethala aman dieb talah anu terro diel fala'andu fulo eraburis dieb
00:31:49 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: There are many jobs to do in the Horde.  I would suggest finding something you are good at, and doing that.  Otherwise, if you act aimless, others might use your as their tool, to do what they want.  Perhaps that might suit you, also, at least at...

00:31:56 Sanguinara-WyrmrestAccord shakes her head, "The great Elhondriel Lightbourne meets his demise at the hands of a four year old and a cold.  I never imagined it."
00:31:56 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: ...the beginning of you career.
00:32:20 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: Your career will be whatever you make it to be.
00:32:25 You grin wickedly at Allocco.
00:32:39 Elhondriel-WyrmrestAccord placed both hands on his hips.  "I never claimed to be any good at it."
00:32:41 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: Let us go, and obtain for you a tabard.

Walk of Elders

00:32:42 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: I'm good at protecting! Is there a protector brigade?
00:33:09 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: Not at this time.  Perhaps you would be interested in developing such a team.
00:33:43 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: How is your organization organized?
00:34:32 Ambassador Kelemar says: Exercise caution during your stay. Some close-minded individuals may still cling to old alliances long since dissolved...
00:34:37 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: We are the Horde.  How is anything organized?  Depending how you look at it, the Horde may not seem very organized at all.  Then again, from other angles, it could seem extremely structured and strict.
00:34:57 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: There are always chains of command.  That is where everything is derived from in the Horde.

00:35:12 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: I see
00:35:49 Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord pointed over toward the Silvermoon Registry.
00:35:57 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: Do we have regular patrols or duties?
00:36:15 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: Go there.  Advise them you are a member of the Horde Empire.  They will sell to you a guild tabard with our logo on it.
00:36:25 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: II shall obtain one
00:36:36 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: We regularly fight the Alliance all across the world.
00:37:28 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: Am I a private?
00:38:16 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes, your initial rank shall be private.  You will train hard, go on many adventures, fight on battlegrounds, et cetera... for the Horde... and if you do not die, then you will become stronger, and when you are ready we will promote you to corporal.
00:38:44 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: So you are the commander! Who is my supervisor? Who do I report to?
00:38:49 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: If you are particularly useful to the Empire, then you can be promoted into the officer ranks, but to accomplish this you must volunteer and show us signs of leadership.
00:39:19 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: A commander is anybody in charge of any current operation.  So, there is no permanent rank listed as commander.
00:39:35 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: If you ran an event, you would be the commander of that event.
00:39:52 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: So your title is not commander?

00:40:25 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: That is correct.  My title is Emperor.  I am the leader of the entire Horde Empire.  The Empire is extremely vast.
00:40:48 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: Do I have a supervisor?
00:40:59 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: Do you need one?
00:41:14 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: My father mentioned he had a supervisor his entire career.
00:41:20 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: Everyone has a boss.
00:41:29 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: Even in the military.
00:41:52 Sooleawah whistles at you.
00:42:09 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: This is true.  You actions will always be monitored.  You may report to me directly if you wish, as this division of the Empire does not currently have any sergeants, lieutenants, or captains... sadly at this point in time.
00:42:33 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: I shall report to you then!
00:42:36 Allocco salutes Kredis with respect.
00:42:42 You salute Allocco with respect.
00:42:42 Allocco salutes you with respect.
00:43:05 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: Emperror, is there anything you would like for me to do specifically as my first assignment?
00:43:56 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes.  Wait here a moment.

Logging started on 12/12/2017 at 00:46:37.
00:46:56 Allocco salutes you with respect.
00:47:00 You salute Allocco with respect.
00:48:13 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: I have not thought of anything in particular for you to do.  Tonight, you may use the evening however you wish, Private Allocco.
00:48:28 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes, Emperor.
00:48:37 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: If I come up with something, I will contact you.
00:48:53 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: I will report to you as I can.
00:48:56 Allocco salutes you with respect.
00:49:10 You salute Allocco with respect.
00:49:21 Allocco-WyrmrestAccord | Pazzo says: I'll keep an eye on him.
00:49:23 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: You may be dismissed at this time.  Do good things for the Horde.
00:49:32 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes, Emperorr.
00:49:41 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: You are a blood elf.  Represent the blood elves with honor and pride as well.
00:50:00 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: Thank you.
00:50:19 [Allocco-WyrmrestAccord]: We did it, Pazzo!
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Hall of Records / The Horde Empire 20170001 Arakha
« Last post by Varsinax on December 09, 2017, 08:13:12 PM »
World of Warcraft


Silvermoon City

The Royal Exchange

Logging started on 11/29/2017 at 01:39:47.

02:06:23 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord smiles brightly, approaching the Tauren with a determined smile sprawled across the young Orc warlock's face. Her succubi standing by her side gazed upon the Tauren as well. She was far less smiley than her mistress was. "Hello! I've been so eager to-
02:06:34 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord finally meet you!"
02:07:04 Arcane Guardian says: Obey the laws of Silvermoon. Failure to do so will result in termination.
02:07:24 Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord dismounted from his [Warlord's Deathwheel].
02:07:38 You look at Arakha.
02:07:54 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: Welcome Arakha.  I... am Varsinax.
02:08:45 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord nodded her head with an eager energy all about her! "Hi there! I am Arakha! MASTER DEMONOLOGIST!" She thrust her hands up, channeling shadowy energies between her fingertips. But then giggled, and lowered her hands down by her side again.
02:08:54 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: Just kidding! Just a regular demonologist...
02:08:59 Arakha nods at you.
02:09:03 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: I see you found yourself a Horde Empire tabard, and are wearing it proudly.
02:09:13 You salute Arakha with respect.
02:10:04 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: Lok'tar Ogar! For the Horde! I'm all about dedicating my knowledge, talents, and power to this cause!
02:10:08 Arakha salutes you with respect.
02:10:54 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: As long as you are for the Horde, you will be considered a friend of mine.  Let us go... take a walk... to the Hall of Blood.
02:11:07 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: Lead the way.

02:11:32 Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord stopped there in the center of the Royal Exchange.
02:11:48 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: The Blood Knight Order does not use the Hall of Blood, like it did in the past.
02:12:09 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: So, we are able to use it for... Imperial business... as we wish.

02:12:17 Lucius stares blankly at you.
02:12:28 Lucius-WyrmrestAccord murmured to Avalona, "that tauren appears addled."

The Hall of Blood

02:14:47 Initiate Emeline says: Matters are so uncertain now that the chamber below is empty...
02:14:52 Initiate Colin says: Lady Liadrin is bound to find a way. She must.
02:15:02 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: The Horde Empire has only begun to grow.  Soon, we will be powerful enough... to do almost anything we want... for proper causes, of course.
02:15:51 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord thought on this and gave a nod. "Death indeed, to the Alliance! They will surely be conquered!" She nodded with optimism.
02:16:02 You nod at Arakha.
02:16:05 Initiate Emeline says: It's gone. I can't believe it's gone. Who would have thought we'd be betrayed like this?
02:16:09 Initiate Colin says: Still, the Blood Knights will endure through this loss. We have no other choice... we must find another source.
02:17:07 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: This is a place I like to come to, to relax and think.

02:17:40 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: The Blood Knights don't tend to like my kind around here, much, but I can agree, and see why you think that...
02:17:45 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord looks around for a moment.
02:17:52 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: Peaceful, indeed.
02:18:19 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: They will tolerate you.  They are more involved in Horde business, than they were in the past.
02:18:22 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: Have a seat.

02:19:05 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord stretched herself out. She muttered a command to her succubi, crossing paths with her as she went to go and sit. The demon seemed very responsive. Going and taking position near the door to wait.
02:19:31 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: Maybe some day, we can form an Imperial Senate, or a council... and we can discuss matters of high importance, and together make decisions for the Empire and its many members.
02:20:28 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: Your views are awful... Unique, for the Horde if I may say.
02:20:55 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: I am not like the others.  I am indeed unique.
02:20:59 You grin wickedly at Arakha.
02:21:47 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: Then again, so many people are also unique, but they do not know it... and instead find lives that often have them fitting into the grand scheme or design or someone else.

02:22:01 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: Normally, my kin in particular favors clans. Related to our Orcish ancestry. The Taur'ahe people prefer the type of tribes. Blood knights prefer Order's and Hall's of their various noble cause.
02:22:01 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: of someone else.
02:22:11 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: You surely shake things up, I like it.
02:22:17 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord smiled in a friendly manner.
02:22:20 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: A quiet place is a quiet place.
02:23:24 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: If we only did like we are told, we would never truly grow and become as powerful as our potential allows us to do.

02:23:44 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord grinned slightly. "With all due respect, I know that far too well, 'emperor.'"
02:25:04 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: As long as the Warchief continues to lead the operations of the Horde, in a fashion that leads us all to victory after victory, then the Horde Empire shall also continue to gather success... along with that of the Warchief herself.
02:25:36 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: Lady Sylvanas has well proven herself as an excellent leader for us.
02:25:37 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: nod
02:25:39 Arakha nods at you.
02:25:43 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: Typo.))
02:25:51 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: You being an orc, do you ever miss when Thrall was warchief?

02:27:05 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: I've heard stories... But honestly? Politics only mattered in my life when Garrosh had seized control of Orgrimmar. With me in it... And my entire orphanage. It was a terrifying time living under the Kor'kron.
02:27:19 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: When it came to Garrosh dying by Thrall's hand, I felt nothing but relief.
02:27:26 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: Other than that, I've focused on my demonology.
02:28:14 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: You are a wise person, Arakha.  I am glad you decided to join our guild.  The Horde Empire will grow to be the guiding force of the entire faction.
02:29:13 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: Funnily enough, it was under the oppressiveness of Garrosh's Orgrimmar that I developed the need to serve the Horde. Because I saw the very worst that we could be. And how we're so much better than that.
02:29:29 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord looked down. "There's something more than the realm of demons."
02:30:28 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: I agree.  I see the Horde as a necessary organization.  How else would we surive, our tribes and clans, if we did not band together and unite?  We will show strength in numbers.  We will show strength in unity.
02:31:32 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: No matter what that foolish 'King' brings this way. We will overwhelm anything that he tries. *Arakha rose up and smiled* Would you like to know about me? Because I'm no ordinary Warlock.
02:31:43 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: Quite hated by my own, actually...

02:31:54 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes.  I will sit, and you will briefly tell me your story.
02:32:16 Arakha nods at you.
02:33:01 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: I am a demonologist. Clearly. I have dedicated my entire studies and research to those just like Kal'neri over by the door. And I have a philosophy which has garnered my disdain and disrespect widely.
02:33:22 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: I believe demons, instead of slaves, can be just as loyal to the Horde as any mortal.
02:33:55 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: It is a wonder... so many would show dislike for your studies... at a time when we are at war with demons, and could use your expertise.
02:34:44 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: I study the species and many sub-species of demons with conviction, Emperor. Nobody knows them as well as I've grown to. In fact... One of my demons, one I've known ever since I was but a girl... Has shown the most promise.
02:34:52 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: We fight in harmony. No longer by force.
02:35:33 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: This is interesting.  I have always seen demons as... mostly chaotic... rarely ever useful.
02:35:38 You look at Arakha.
02:35:47 You look at Kalneri.
02:35:54 You look at Arakha.
02:36:08 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord 's succubi looked back to Varsinax. Her gaze was cold... Calculating. Emotionless.
02:37:01 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: If you'd like to speak to her, I can show you.

02:37:23 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: No.  I would rather not.
02:38:29 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord chuckled. "But some day we will be in combat together. You'll see. She's like... Family to me. Yes, demons are capable of such emotions as well. You won't see it here. But I assure you, my studies are unveiling knowledge that... Well. Is controversial."
02:38:36 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord looked over to Kal'neri.
02:38:51 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: Demons can be of great use. Like a ore vein untapped.\
02:39:03 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: I do what other Warlocks would consider too dangerous. Too ambitious!
02:39:14 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: I just take risks they wouldn't dare.
02:40:00 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: I am content with your classification as a warlock.  You yourself as a great asset to the Empire.  If you can utilize these chaotic and destructive creatures, then I am in support of you without our guild.
02:40:21 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: within

02:40:35 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: No restrictions on my research?
02:40:40 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord grinned up to the taurne.
02:40:44 Arakha-WyrmrestAccord tauren*))
02:41:28 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: I have dealt with many demons.  I know their range of chaos.  I know their range of destruction.  Often enough, it can be infinite.  As long as you have confidence in yourself, and take all matters of yours seriously, then you can know this... the Emperor
02:41:35 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: ...supports you and your research.

02:42:37 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: That, is quite all I needed to hear... You've earned my loyalty and you'll reap the benefits of the forces that I have ally with me.

02:43:10 [Varsinax-WyrmrestAccord]: I cannot hold you any longer on this night.  It was a pleasure to have met you in person, Arakha.  You may be dismissed.  Leave me here.  I have things I wish to work on... here in the Hall of Blood.
02:43:17 You salute Arakha with respect.
02:43:32 Arakha salutes you with respect.
02:43:38 [Arakha-WyrmrestAccord]: Of course. Lok'tar Ogar.
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